South 2.jpgSouth Perspective

West1.jpgWest Perspective

Entrance.jpgEntrance Perspective

Vista parallela sud.jpgSouth West Elevation

Vista parallela SE.jpgSouth East Elavation

schizzo_sw.jpgSouth West Elavation


Its name is “CRISTALLO”.

Pianta Render.jpgAs well as a crystal its shapes has geometrical and jagged layout but also tidy, definite and above all singular.
As well as a crystal “CRISTALLO” capture the light and the energy typical of this city and this place unique and vital centre.
But at the same time as watching a cristal, this light, this energy is returned to the space that surrouns trasforming it self into a source of energy and light.

This synergy is possible thanks to the use, for part of the coating of the building, of a particular tile that captures sunlight and trasform it info electrical energy, making the building fuliy self-sufficent power, light then back out trough the glass plates which characterize the buildig.

Cristallo is energy, light and movement.

The system of stairs and elevators are, visible from outside, for underlining and remenber these characteristics as well as recalls the brass, material present in the facade of the buildig which illuminated by the sun return in the space which surrounds it light and “vital energy”.
Finally the mirror of water surrounding the base of the building creates beautiful and interesting optical effects and emphasizes the shapes, the height and the colors of this building vital and unique as the site.

Omotesando in Tokyo (Japan), 2010 - competition with Hiroshi Sakate.